Friday, September 20, 2019
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After spending a year in Sonora as the Lady Broncos head basketball coach, Trevor Tucek decided a return home to friends and family was the right decision.

"It is exciting to be back here coaching the Loboettes. Coming back here made my decision a lot easier," explained Tucek. "I knew Clay (Loboette head coach), the administration and most of the kids. There was not much unknown here, so, like I said, the decision was easy."

"My feelings now that I am here are kind of like I never left. Things do not feel much different. I am just trying to step back in and pick up where I left off," he said.

Tucek’s return will see him replace long-time Loboette coach D’Nae Wilson. Last season, Wilson moved up from the middle school to coach at the high school level.

"It is always a challenge to replace someone anywhere you go, but it is especially hard replacing someone who has been raised in this program," explained the coach.

"So, will it be hard? Yeah, but I do think since I have worked here before, it may not be as difficult," he added.

"I want to come in and contribute just like Coach Wilson. I do not want to come here and throw any wrinkles in the process," he continued.

"She was a great coach and we shared a lot of the same ideas. Filling her shoes puts a little extra pressure on me, but everyone being so welcoming has eased my load just a tad," Tucek stated. In his first season as the Lady Broncos coach, Tucek and his team finished with a 17-3 record and reached the bi-district round of the playoffs.

Coach Tucek feels that some of the tools he learned as a head coach will help him be a better assistant this season.

"Honestly, as a head coach, I learned how to better help Clay, because there are things I did not see or think about as an assistant," said Tucek.

"Now, I feel I am better prepared to help Clay on and off the court," he added.

"I give Clay a lot of credit. There are so many things he does well as the head coach of this program," stated Tucek. "He catches things during games and is very clear about what he wants from his assistants."

"I now have a better understanding about what it takes to do his job and the amount of time he puts in, so If I can help him get a little of that time back, then I am doing my job," said Tucek.

Tucek and his wife, Brieana, are excited to be back home, closer to family and friends.

"Being back home closer to my family and friends has made my wife really happy," stated the coach.

"This is a great basketball place and the consistency of the program is a big draw. Also, the kids and community have welcomed us back with open arms," he said.

"It is always a great feeling to return somewhere and have everyone tell you how excited they are to have you back," Tucek added.

In his first season back, Tucek just wants to pick up where he left off and help continue the tradition of Loboette basketball.

"I really feel like, for me, things will kind of pick up where they left off," the coach explained. "This place has a rich tradition of excellence, and I want to help continue that tradition here with Clay and the rest of our staff."

Tucek feels there will be a slight adjustment period on the court and in the classroom.

"Academically, I have never taught science before, so I want to make sure I am doing the best job possible feeding the students the information they need to be successful," he stated.

"Sports-wise, I may have new jobs under Clay and other programs, but I do not feel the adjustment period will be as big as going to a new school where I am not familiar with anyone," he continued.

"The transition back to an assistant has not been too difficult," Tucek explained. "After a year of being a head coach, I felt taking an assistant position would be better for me and my family."

"My kids are still very young, so I want to be around more for a lot of those little moments," continued Tucek

As an assistant, Tucek feels his role in the program is very clear.

"I feel as an assistant, my job is to put the head coach’s ideals out there with sub-varsity players, so they are prepared when it is their time at the varsity level," Tucek said.

"I want to find ways to contribute to this program that are within Clay’s ideals and philosophy as the head coach," he added.

"I feel Clay and I have some of the same concepts, so it should be easy for me to find my place in this program.

My family and I are excited to start this next chapter of our lives," stated the coach.


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