Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Thursday trial summary
12/8/2017 9:06:43 AM
Last Updated:
12/8/2017 9:29:55 AM

In a search conducted on Feb. 8, 2016, law enforcement officers found two boxes of .380-caliber pistol ammunition in the defendant’s Nissan Armada. One box was full while the other contained two cartridges, said Garland Timms, an investigator with the Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office.
Lubbock police had already found two empty .380-caliber shell casings at the scene of the shooting.
During a search of Garcia’s 1107 Holly residence, investigators found a receipt for two boxes of .380 Sig Sauer ammo. An empty plastic case for a 1911 Browning .380 handgun was found in a bedroom.
A yellow notepad, with writings allegedly made by the defendant, was found in the kitchen. Under instructions from prosecutor Barron Slack, the witness read the contents  of the statement.
The writer noted that his ex-wife had been having an affair with West Garza for 25 years.
“I went to West’s house to talk to him. I told him to leave my wife alone,” according to the statement. “I went to West’s house with the good intention to resolve this…”
The writer also stated that he confronted Garza on one occasion after the victim got into a fight with the defendant’s son.
“West lunged at me and I defended myself,” according to the statement. “I’m not one to fight. It was a mistake for that to happen.”
Garcia married his wife in 1983; the couple divorced in 2015.
Lubbock police Detective Darren Lindly read aloud a number of text messages that were downloaded from the defendant’s smart phone that was taken into custody.
The messages, which were from mid-July 2015 to early January 2016, were to Garcia’s ex-wife, friends and family members.
Prosecution witness Justin McInroe, a plumber, testified that he was installing a hot water heater in a rent house in Lubbock on Oct. 15, 2015. A male musician was inside when a young man entered the house and had words with him. A short time later, the defendant arrived and asked about the whereabouts of the young man. He then left in a white SUV.
McInroe later saw three people fighting down the street. One of them, the musician, had two swollen eyes “pretty bad.” The witness said he called 911 when he saw the fight. The other two men  left the scene. He described the musician as 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 175 pounds. He had “longer hair.” McInroe said he did not know the name of the musician or the young man who confronted him.
Soledad Rodriguez Marsh, a records custodian at University Medical Center, confirmed a record in which West Garza was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 15, 2015. Marsh said Garza was diagnosed as having a nose fracture and an orbital fracture, or fracture to the eye socket.
Greg Thompson, regional vice president with Amerigroup in Lubbock,  said his company encouraged Judy Garcia to work from home instead of coming to the office.
Asked if Ms. Garcia was concerned about her ex-husband coming to her workplace, Thompson said that she was. The witness said that she was not happy and was “fearful” about Pete Garcia Jr. coming to her office.
Under cross examination by defense attorney Dan Hurley, Thompson said that Garcia did not yell or make a scene when he came to her workplace. He said he asked the defendant to leave the building one time, and he did so without incident.
Prosecutor Cara Landers asked the witness what the company did in response to Ms. Garcia’s emotional state.
“We take the safety of our employees seriously,” Thompson said. “She took us up on that opportunity, and she’s working from home.”

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